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A collection of projects looking at the places where we experience our natural and built environments intersecting with one another.

                                    Or maybe just an obsession with Water and Containment.

Nancy Rahija Interrupted XVIII.jpg

If you leave it alone it still changes. Constantly pulling and pushing, time layer itself.

I move through the space between water and land. I stop at the objects created to block the flow, amazed at the need to control the movement.

June, 2022

Passage VI sm.jpg

I walked to the river’s edge and was so consumed that the tide rushed up into my shoe. I was at the Rhine, “the most romantic river on the planet”. I wasn’t consumed by romance, but by beauty, the kind that lies in age and decay. As a barge passed by remnants of an old industry gave way to new architecture and the debris that gets tossed from shoreline to shoreline.

September 8, 2004

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